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About Us

Hengyang Jinnuo Chemical Co., Ltd is a ISO9001:2015 certified corporation specialized in manufacturing, importing and exporting trading. We have several large-scale production lines with an annual output of 8000 tons of Thiourea, 240000 tons of Barium Carbonate, 30000 tons of Precipitated Barium Sulfate and 36000 tons of Barium ChlorideExcept the above mentioned products, we also have successfully developed some other chemicals, such as Barium Nitrate,Strontium Carbonate, Barium Hydroxide etc.

Product Center

Contact: Mr. Kevin

Skype: kevin5913

Wechat: kevin5913 

Mobile/Whatsapp: +86-159 7314 7361

Email: sales@jinnuo-chem.com


QQ: 172983687

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Xia Zhijun
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